A lot of times we get through our day, get home and kick back and try to forget about the bullshit that either went on at some point, or that we have to get ready for or whatever. But then we get sidetracked from forgetting and we start making lists or running around the house trying to get everything done, or if you’re anything like me…you think. And think and think and think and think and it could be about anything and everything, it doesn’t matter what, but it doesn’t stop no matter what you do! At least not for me.

So my solution…I write. I have so many thoughts running through my head from the time I wake up until 5 hours after I should be asleep that I could’ve written a dozen novels by now. But a novel is a story with a beginning and an ending, and it’s really long! My thoughts are deep and strong and different and quite frankly, all over the place. So here I am, and here you are, at Delusiolity; Where I write about my world – my thoughts (as delusional as some may be), my dreams, my fears, my realities, my life. And you read about it. You either relate to it and think “Oh My God! It’s not just me!” or you think I’m nuts but you enjoy blogs, share them and keep coming back. Either way…welcome, and I hope you enjoy.